Why Working From Home Can Benefit Employees

ways that working from home can benefit employeesThe onset of the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally shifted many aspects of life. Employees were heavily impacted by the effects of the pandemic since many workers were instructed to work from home. This was a huge shift for many people who had spent years commuting each day to and from the office in Baltimore. Studies that have been conducted over the last couple of years show that working from home has impacted people in a variety of ways. This has included positive impacts, with many employees stating that they would prefer to continue working from home instead of returning to the office on a full-time basis.

Let’s consider some of the main ways that working from home can benefit employees.

Improvement in Physical Health
Some workers have found it easier to be physically active while working from home. In some cases, this may be due to the fact they no longer commute to the office, saving them valuable time in the morning and evening. In other instances, lack of commuting to the office might help workers to conserve energy which can then be channeled into areas such as physical exercise and other activities to boost wellbeing.

Better Work-Life Balance
People who work from home may achieve a better work-life balance. A work-life balance is subjective and will vary from one person to the next. However, many people with children report that working from home allows them to be more flexible with childcare and other commitments. Some may no longer need to leave the office early to pick up their children, while others can balance childcare with their partner and other relatives.

Comfortable Environment for Work
Some workers may find that working from home offers a more comfortable and relaxed environment. Achieving a good office environment can be a challenge, and allowing staff to work from home can remove some of the problems in this area. It is still possible to replicate a positive office environment virtually, such as by ensuring people are connected on a regular basis. Employers should offer their staff furniture and other equipment in order to promote a comfortable office environment at home.

Improved Mental Health
Some employees may find that their mental health improves as a result of working from home. This could be because there is a decreased level of pressure regarding travel to and from the office or because they are able to get more sleep each day. Some employees may find that they can eat better while working from home or are able to set up a comfortable office environment that makes them feel better mentally and physically.

Support from Employers
Offering support to employees is a critical part of ensuring they can work from home successfully. Whether you are offering help in the form of furniture and physical items to help them work more effectively or wellbeing programs and tailored support throughout the year, making sure that employees feel supported is a key part of the transition to working from home, both now and in the future. Let employees know that support is available if they need it, and if you’re an employee, ask your employer what health and wellbeing support might be available to you.

Finding the Right Office Support
Finding the right office environment for your staff can be difficult, and having the right equipment and setup is important for everyone. Whether you are buying equipment to help them settle into working from home, or you’re getting ready to welcome them back to the office, Quality Installers can help you to find what you need in Baltimore.

Picture Credit: Freepik