How Your Home Office Furniture Can Help You Stay Healthier

Tips for a Healthy Home OfficeOffice furniture can make the difference between being comfortable and happy during the day or feeling miserable and uncomfortable. When you’re working from home, there can be a temptation to work in positions or areas which are not healthy. Using the right furniture is essential when working in any environment and can impact your health in the short and long term. Having good home office furniture will not only help your wellbeing – both physically and mentally – but it can lead to more productivity and help you to feel more fulfilled in your job.

Depending on the role you have, there may be several items of furniture and equipment that you need when setting up a home office. Getting the right combination of items and having the right number of items is important to effectively do your job.

Consider an Adjustable Desk

You can improve your health and wellbeing in small ways by exploring the idea of an adjustable desk. This is different from a standard desk because you can move it up and down and make adjustments to ensure the furniture is as comfortable as possible for your individual needs. Adjustable desks are the ideal option if more than one person will be using the desk since each individual can choose to have the furniture at a different height or position.

Some adjustable desks also allow you to stand up while working, which can be great for your wellbeing throughout the day while working in a home office. Not only does this option give you a chance to work differently, but it can help to combat some of the problems that come with sitting down for long periods of the day.

Get the Right Chair for You

Sitting on a comfortable chair is important if you want to feel healthy and happy while working. A chair that is too high or too low can affect your posture and ultimately lead to physical health problems such as back pain or headaches. You should sit on a chair that allows your eyes to be level with your computer screen while providing your back with adequate support.

If you have special requirements when it comes to furniture while home working, speak to your employer. They should be able to make reasonable adjustments to ensure you are comfortable while working and can do your job properly and most productively.

Ideally, you should use a chair that can be adjusted, allowing you to find the perfect position and balance. You may have to give some consideration to the space you have available in your home and move other furniture if needed to allow enough room for some good home office furniture.

Implement Healthy Habits

Getting into a routine while home working can help you to look after your health. Implementing healthy habits around your working routine, such as spending a few minutes doing chair yoga or stretching, can help you to feel better throughout the day and in the longer term too.

Set an alarm every half an hour or every hour which reminds you to get up and walk around your home for a couple of minutes. Go for a walk during your lunch break or spend some of your time doing an exercise session at home.

Remember to drink water throughout the day, either by keeping a water jug on your desk or using your regular breaks to go to the kitchen and grab some water.

Don’t Use Furniture That Causes Strain

Whether it’s the bright lights of your computer screen, the position of your chair, or the size of your desk, avoid using home office furniture that will cause you to strain in any way. This could be eye strain, but it could also be a strain on your back, neck, shoulders, or legs.

Ensure you have enough lighting in your home office space and look at furniture which is specifically designed for people working from home.

Quality Installers can install the perfect home office furniture that can help you to be more productive and feel happier and healthier in your job.

Picture Credit: Freepik