How Office Design Affects Employee Productivity

How Office Design Affects Employee ProductivityWhether you own a business and want to create a comfortable, yet efficient office environment or your design office furniture for a living, you’re probably on the lookout for ways to enhance employee productivity. The valuation metrics for these things aren’t as easily quantifiable as those used for other types or productivity like software. However, it’s still important to look at the effects the furniture in your office has on your employees’ psychologic, physiological, inspirational, and transformational needs so you see how your furniture really does contribute to your bottom line.

The Environment’s Effect on Productivity

What’s accomplished in today’s office is much different from the work that was done a short time ago, in the 1980s, thanks to the computer revolution. Now much of your business’ information is stored online instead of in hard copy binders. This means that many of your employees now have easy access to it, oftentimes from wireless devices that allow them to work from wherever they want, whenever they want to do so. This is why cubicles have also grown outdated today and many companies are starting to look like a coffeehouse instead. Unfortunately, such an environment can be very unsettling to some people which is why there’s now a counterrevolution occurring in which the needs of introverts are being addressed. Many companies are learning how to do this by creating quiet, contemplative spaces throughout their open office layout.

As you redesign your office, you don’t want it to look too creative. This won’t deliver the overall results you’re looking for.  Instead, you should consider ergonomic desks as they’ll help maximize employee productivity.

Why Ergonomic Desks are the Office Furniture You Need Today

For your employees’ well-being it’s vital to have workstations and tables that are well-designed and well-fitted for their needs. When you provide them with high-quality adjustable chairs they won’t have to suffer with back, hand, or shoulder pain and stiffness. It’s not only important for the chair to be adjustable for their height, but for it to also have adjustable armrests so they can comfortably extend their arms and elbows.

This goes much further than chairs though. If your employees spend a lot of time on the phone, they’ll need headsets so they don’t cradle the phone in the crook of their neck. It’s also wise to provide voice recognition software so they won’t need to type much while on the phone.

Of course, you also want to keep your employees healthy. Sitting at their desk all day won’t accomplish this. However, desks that allow your employees to sit or stand throughout the day will help. Many of these desks can be quickly and easily raised or lowered which will provide you with another advantage as well: They can be shared amongst your employees, which is great if you have multiple shifts or people who share the same workstation.


Having the right type of office furniture throughout your business will help ensure that your employees are also more productive. When their workspace fits them well and isn’t worn or threadbare, you’re setting your employees up for success. They’ll see that their high-performance is leading to your business’ success and their overall comfort. This will encourage them to want to work even harder for you.

Now that you see how the right office furniture will improve your employees’ productivity and morale, giving your business better results overall, it’s time to get busy creating this type of an environment for them. This is something you can trust Quality Installers to help you with so call and speak to one of their design consultants today.

Picture Credit: Cadeau Maestro