Making The Home Office A Home Office

Making The Home Office A Home OfficeHome offices are now so regular that it’s like if a home doesn’t have an office it looks empty.

That being said, decorating and setting up your home office takes some strategy that employs not only efficiency but the kind of aesthetics that makes the office feel like a productive place to be.

Your home office shouldn’t be like another family room or lounge.  It’s where you’re going to be doing work, not play.  This doesn’t mean you decorate it in the Doric, but it means the first thing that is as priority is to make it work efficient.  The average home office has a work desk, files, cabinets, and communications as well as computers and printers and other accessories.  Those are the bare bone basics and that alone would make working in a space like that so boring that work would seem tedious.

You don’t, however, want an office filled with stuffed animals and the creature comforts of the rest of the house or you’ll get too familiar and comfortable and forget about the discipline needed to get a job done.  Some people have clients arrive at their home office.  This calls for more decorating so the clients feel comfortable and confident.  A comfy sofa, coffee table, chairs, refrigerator, maybe even a mini kitchen for coffee and snacks.  Television is a good idea as well but it shouldn’t be a distraction.

Some people decorate with aquariums or terrariums.  If you do this you’ll have to keep the maintained so they don’t look sloppy and unattended as this would reflect on you.

Keep pets out of the workspace unless your job is pet related.  Pets can make messes and you don’t want your top client showing up while you’re cleaning pet poop off the plush rug.  That shows irresponsibility and and inability to keep your workspace under control.

Same goes for kids too.  They shouldn’t be in the home office playing and leaving toys all over the place.  The spouse should only be in the office if it’s essential they need be there.  They can sometimes misplace things like vital tools or documents.

Plants are a good treat as they clean the air and add a bright and refreshing feel. Keep the plants well fed and watered and don’t overdo it.

Lighting is most important.  You’ll be working and you need light to work well and not strain your eyesight.  If you have natural lighting like great sunlight, then optimize its use with the proper window dressings like blinds and such.  Good sunlight can make a work day feel more comfortable and pleasant.

Basically do what makes you feel good about the work you do.  Your workspace should inspire you to do your best and feel your best.

Image credit: Spectral