Why Businesses Are Using Modular Office Furniture Today


Now that workdays are more flexible, office furniture is starting to follow suit. More companies are seeking and implementing things so that modern offices fit their worker’s needs. This is being done via modular designs (e.g., acoustic panels, storage units, room dividers) that let employees use the same space for a variety of needs. Why …

Why Your Business Would Benefit From Professional Furniture Installation


There are many reasons why it might be time to invest in a professional furniture installation service for your office. One of the most common reasons is the relocation of a business from one part of the United States to another. Many business leaders move to new premises with a desire to implement their own …

How Classroom Setup And Layout Will Impact Children’s Learning


At school, there are many things that will impact a child’s learning. Some of them are obvious – such as the teachers at the school and their teaching styles. The other students will also undoubtedly have some sort of impact on a child and their experience of education. But another critically important part of a …