What Gen Z Wants In The Office

office space for Gen ZToday’s society has embraced the hybrid work (partially work-from-home, partially work from office space) model. Many people enjoy the various freedoms it affords, especially the choice of where to work each day. This flexibility is something that Gen Z prioritizes over everything else. Nearly half are willing to take a pay cut if it means getting this flexibility.

Understanding the Work Ethic of Gen Z

The oldest members of this generation may soon find themselves facing their second recession as adults. So, as much as they may want office space flexibility, they understand that before prioritizing pay, you must reach a certain level of a livable wage. Therefore higher pay (20% or more than the market rate) motivates many of them to return to the office today. This is because the identity of this group isn’t as closely tied to work.

Those who are entering the workforce during a pandemic create a real sense of existentialism for them. Since they’ve only experienced the benefits of remote work, they don’t know anything other than flexibility. Hence the rise of the anti-work movement, in which they’ve not only begun trying to create their identity outside of work but have also become value driven. They’re in search of work that aligns more with their missions and is less stressful – something that’s very different from the generation that came before them (the millennials).

Gen Z employees expect proper compensation for their jobs and mutual respect from their employers. They’re less likely than other generations to give these things up for the sake of having a job, especially an entry-level one. Many of them also aren’t looking to be loyal to one job forever, especially after seeing the mass layoffs that occurred when the pandemic hit. Now, more than ever before, employees are willing to trade up to jobs that pay more and are a better fit for their desired lifestyle outside of the office space.

Economy Woes Lead to Gen Z Prioritizing Pay

Those who are graduating from college today are doing so during the coronavirus recession. With an unemployment rate of 3.6%, the job market is the worst it’s been since the Great Depression. This has let many graduates who entered the job market when it was stronger be wary of layoffs. Add inflation to this mix when you haven’t had the time to accumulate a safety net, and “adulting” has become more challenging than anyone could have anticipated. This is why many people are now placing a greater emphasis on salary than they did pre-pandemic. Flexibility is now becoming just another “added benefit,” which is why many people aren’t bargaining for working from home until they reach their desired salary threshold.

Creating an Office Space Suited for Gen Z

It isn’t until this generation gets older that they’ll start to prioritize stability and higher pay. However, there’s a little-known secret that many of them don’t know: You can have both flexibility and higher pay if you’re bold enough to set boundaries. This is something that comes up in the interview phase. Instead of getting too eager and choosing a job that only serves one priority, you should seek a job that offers both. To make this possible, employers need to create the right environment in their office space today.

Regardless of whether you’re updating your office space for Gen Z or any other reason, we want you to know that we’re here for you at Quality Installers in Miami, FL. When you’re ready to make the update, contact us so we can ensure it goes smoothly for you.

Picture Credit: Freepik