Why Businesses Are Using Modular Office Furniture Today

Why companies are turning to modular office furnitureNow that workdays are more flexible, office furniture is starting to follow suit. More companies are seeking and implementing things so that modern offices fit their worker’s needs. This is being done via modular designs (e.g., acoustic panels, storage units, room dividers) that let employees use the same space for a variety of needs.

Why Your Office Furniture Matters

With today’s uncertain economic times, there are many new considerations businesses must make. Although location and square footage were at the forefront of businesses’ minds in the past, today, businesses desire the flexibility to scale up or down. With this office furniture, you can easily accomplish this. It plays an important role in reshaping an office’s agility since it transforms spaces and allows for quick responses to any changes that occur. For instance, with a tall, draughtsman-style table, your employees can choose whether they sit down or stand up while getting their work done. The table can also be used for group collaboration and team huddles.

How Your Office Furniture Matters

Choosing the right office furniture for your modular office is important for several reasons. These things are worthy of your consideration today when many people consider their office’s accommodations when deciding whether to accept a job offer.

Putting People First

There’s an increasing demand from employees to raise health and wellbeing standards in the workplace. Jones Lang LaSalle Incorporated found that these issues are even more important than salary. New office fit-outs are evolving to support both employee wellbeing and high-performance work. This has led to the rise of what’s known as ‘resimercial’ furniture and design layouts.

Resimerical is a modular office design that puts people first. It combines domestic interiors with traditional workplace aspects to create a comfortable home away from home feeling. Its ulterior motive is to create both agile and collaborative spaces so that employees want to spend more time at work.

This concept is clearly seen in the UK office of the global tech firm Campaign Monitor. They put comfort and flexibility first by creating multi-use areas that feature tables with wheels and interesting shapes. These can be easily reconfigured to meet various needs throughout their office.


Modular office furniture also makes good financial sense. In the United States alone, more than 10 million tons of furniture are disposed of each year from offices alone. Clearly, a more sustainable approach to office design is long past due. The best way to avoid the issue in the future is to create flexible furniture solutions – furniture that isn’t designed to only accomplish a single task.

Since many businesses are also budget-conscious today, this is a win-win situation for them. Finding long-term hybrid work strategies that won’t end up in future landfills will provide them with a great return on investment.

Successfully Creating Your Own Modular Office

Many companies have succeeded in this regard today. One such company that’s seen success in creating a modular office is Norton Rose Fulbright in Johannesburg. They’ve incorporated the use of sliding, stacking doors so that they can expand small rooms into larger ones when necessary. Another successful company is EY’s headquarters in Milan. They incorporate lots of space-optimizing furniture that can be quickly transformed from conference to teamwork mode. Their chairs are also easily stackable, and their tables have wheels on them to create customized training areas.

When you’re ready to create a modular office for your business in Miami, FL, contact us at Quality Installers. We look forward to helping you build the office of the future today.