How To Create A More Productive Home Office

Get organized before starting your office work.Remote work has flourished in the past few years. Stanford recently conducted research in which they discovered that about 35% of Americans now work from home. More companies are expected to follow suit soon. Therefore you need to set up a home office where you can complete office work. Here are a few tips to help you do this.

Prioritize your comfort.

Here’s a little hidden truth: You can be comfortable with the office furniture you use to do office work from home. In fact, you should have the right office furniture to make you comfortable so you don’t get restless.

The main thing you should think about here is your chair since you’ll be sitting in it for long periods of time. You should opt for an ergonomically designed chair so your back doesn’t hurt. When your desk chair doesn’t properly support your back it’ll negatively impact your health, mood, and the amount of office work you accomplish.

Another important piece of office furniture is your desk. To improve your posture and be more comfortable you should choose a standing desk with a rubber foot mat. This allows you to stand when you’re feeling restless while sitting at other times.

Get organized before starting your office work.

After deciding on the office furniture that works for you, it’s important to look at how you set it up. This is especially true for your desk. Being productive with your office work requires you to set yourself up for success here. With your office furniture in place, here’s what you should do:
⦁ Make sure that everything is efficient so you have better time management.
⦁ Remove any non-essential items from your desk and only keep items there that you need for completing the office work at hand.
⦁ Keep some desk space open to ensure you’re comfortable while working there.
⦁ Put something simple that you love on your desk and wall. Doing so will help improve your mental health.
⦁ Sync your calendar to remind you of meetings and tasks. Going digital means there’s less paper to clutter your desk with.
⦁ Find a way to conceal your power cords so you aren’t always tripping over them.
⦁ Certain scents will make you feel calm (e.g., lavender), energized (e.g., citrus), or eucalyptus and rosemary (e.g., happy). You can add these to your home office by using a diffuser, a few drops of essential oil in hot water, or some non-smoking candle wax.

Don’t give up hopes of having a “spare” room.

Just because the only room you have available to do your office work in is your “spare” room, doesn’t mean you can’t also use this room for guests. The best way to do this is to install a Murphy bed here. Although you wouldn’t think of this as a common type of office furniture and may even argue that they’re expensive, you’ll find that they really are worthwhile.

Once you install a Murphy bed, make sure you opt for light, minimalistic office furniture. This allows you to easily rearrange things. Even if you don’t have guests over and want to use this room for something else such as exercising, you should still consider setting up your home office like this.

Set yourself up for success.
There are many other tips available to help you create a great home office that fits all of your needs and desires too. If you need help figuring out how to do this, we want you to know that we’re here for you at Quality Installers in Cincinnati, OH. When you’re ready to transform your space to achieve maximum home/work balance, reach out to us.

Picture Credit: Freepik