How The Right Office Furniture Improves Productivity

How The Right Office Furniture Improves ProductivityEvery piece of office furniture in your workplace plays a vital role in boosting your employees’ productivity and potential. When you choose correctly, you’ll take productivity to a whole new level. This is why many offices are undergoing makeovers to include stylish new pieces, something you may also want to consider doing.

Boring Office Furniture Creates Lazy Employees

When you’re surrounded by boring office furniture, you’ll start feeling lazy, irritated, and clumsy. This will cause your employees to lose interest in their jobs and thus dramatically decrease their productivity levels. Eventually this also carries over into your employees’ home and social lives as well.

Cleanliness and Vibrant Colors Make Employees More Enthusiastic

The many bright colors of furniture that are available will help enhance your employees’ mood, alleviate stress, and improve productivity. Keeping this furniture clean once it arrives is also important for relaxation and promoting positive attitudes. When things become disorganized your employees will lack the enthusiasm that’s needed to complete their work properly.

Get Organized, Boost Productivity

Make sure everything has a convenient location and then keep those items there when they’re not in use. This is also true for office accessories that you use frequently. Doing so will help employees not put their work off simply because they must get up to get an item, they need to use in finishing a job.

Improve Employees’ Health with Standing Desks and Daylight Lighting

Studies have shown that there’s a strong connection between the amount of time you spend seated and the likelihood you’ll develop things like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. In fact a study conducted in Australia in 2010 discovered that for every additional hour you sit each day your likelihood of dying within the next 7 years increases by 11%. Another study in 2012 found that the average American can increase their life expectancy by two years if they sit three hours a day or less.

Windows also play an important role here. Employees who have windows in their workplace are exposed to 173% more white light and sleep 46 more minutes per night. Employees who don’t have windows in their workplace score worse on life quality measures that are associated with things like vitality, sleep efficiency and quality, functioning well throughout the day, and other physical issues.

Ivy Cheung from the Northwestern University’s neuroscience doctoral studies program also conducted a study on the effects of sunlight on employees. In doing so he discovered that there truly is an amazing impact here. Her study took the life quality and sleep health of day shift office employees into consideration. In doing so she found that exposure to light, using the right amount of light throughout the office environment, and having good office furniture in the workspace plays a huge role in keeping these employees healthy.

Now that you see the importance of creating the right office environment, isn’t it time you do so? For help installing office furniture that’ll help you meet your productivity goals and keep your employees healthier contact Quality Installers today.

Picture Credit: Matthew Henry