Arrangement Of Office Furniture For Better Workplace Ergonomics

Arrangement Of Office Furniture For Better Workplace ErgonomicsThe science of workplace design such as an arrangement of office furniture is called workplace ergonomics. This design is performed by keeping in mind the abilities and limitations of the employees. Low-quality worksite design means frustrated, aching, and fatigued employees. It rarely produces productive employees. The chances are that it will lead to costly and painful injuries, lower productivity, and as a result poor quality products. The workplace ergonomics is a process that decreases risk factors that lead to musculoskeletal injuries and it permits a better human performance.

Workplace Ergonomics Advantages

When you are making improvements in the work process you will significantly contribute towards removing barriers for the safe and optimum work performance. You will be providing your employees with assignments that are within the capabilities of their body and limitations. All this will also contribute towards the benefit of your organization.

A proper office furniture arrangement can benefit you but an effective ergonomics process can benefit the company in many ways. There was a recent study conducted by WSDLI which reviewed more than 250 cases in relation to the effects of ergonomics in cases of a range of different settings. It was found in the study that workplace ergonomics may have a distinct impact on the company. Here are the advantages associated with workplace ergonomics.

1. Cost Reduction: If you can systematically reduce the ergonomic risk factors, it is possible to decrease the costly MSDs. Approximately $1 out of $3 from worker’s compensation costs are attributed to MSDs. It is an opportunity to make significant cost savings. Also, keep in mind that indirect costs are about twenty times more than direct costs resulting from injuries to the employees.

2. Improvement in Productivity: Better ergonomic solutions improve productivity in most cases. By designing a workplace with office furniture that will allow better posture, less exertion, better reach, good height, and fewer motions you are making the workstations more proficient and comfortable.

3. Quality Improvement: It is a well-known fact that poor ergonomics at the workplace means a fatigued and frustrated worker who is not able to perform to the best of his abilities. If the work is physically taxing on the employee he or she may not perform the assignment the way they were trained for. For instance, the employee may not be able to type on the PC fast enough due to the awkward angle of the chair and this may bring up the quality issues.

4. Improvement in Employee Engagement: Employees always note it when an organization is making their best efforts to making sure that they stay healthy and safe. In case an employee does not experience discomfort and fatigue on his or her workday it results in decreased absenteeism, higher morale, increased involvement, and reduced turnover.

5. Creation of Greater Safety Culture: Workplace ergonomics indicate a company’s commitment to health and safety as its core values. The overall effect of the first four advantages of workplace ergonomics brings a greater safety culture to the organization. Healthy employees mean you have good assets. By developing and fostering health and safety values in the company you are going towards a better human performance for the organization.


If it is done well the ergonomic improvement process can contribute significantly to the competitive edge of your organization. However, where do you get started? One good place will be Quality Installers to design, plan and install your office furniture.