The Best Cities For Starting A Small Business

top places where you may want to start a small businessAs someone who wants to start a business, it’s important to think about your location. This can make the difference between success and failure. Here are a few of the top places where you may want to start a small business.

Miami, Florida
Here you’ll find a strong economy that’s great for starting a small business. In fact, about 10% of the 6 million people work for startups. However, the cost of living can be expensive if you aren’t careful.

Raleigh, North Carolina
Quite the opposite of Miami, Raleigh has a low cost of living and it also boasts the country’s lowest corporate income tax rate. With so many educational institutions here, you’ll find lots of highly skilled employees too. The combination of these factors makes Raleigh a great place to start a business.

San Antonio, Texas
It isn’t uncommon to start a small business in Texas. With so many people living in the area, it’s not too difficult to find both employees and customers. Another great reason to start a business here is that the cost of living is lower than the national average.

Tampa, Florida
There’s a sizable number of small business owners located here which makes the area prime for networking. Since the cost of living hovers around the national average, this is a great place to start a business.

Houston, Texas
Houston is Texas’ largest and most populated city. Here you’ll find a highly sought-after metro and the world’s second-largest port, so you’ll have all the resources you need to make your business a success. With venture capital funding on the rise, you’ll also find it’s easier to connect with investors here. Another great reason to start a business here is that the cost of living is slightly lower than the national average.

Orlando, Florida
When you think of Orlando you probably think of theme parks, but if you’re starting a business you should think of this area too. While there’s a lot of fun to be had here, there are also a lot of hard-working entrepreneurs here too. The only real drawback to the area is its cost of living is
slightly higher than the national average. Nevertheless, it’s still a relatively economical place to call home, especially when you consider the area’s business parks.

Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville is home to a younger population with a median age of 38 who appreciate a cost of living that falls below the national average. Most of the businesses in this area are startups that employ around 10% of the area’s workforce. This makes it a worthy contender when you’re looking for somewhere to start a business.

Dallas, Texas
With over 40 colleges in the area, you’ll find many people who have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Not only will you find a lot of skilled employees here, but you’ll also find that it’s easier to receive large amounts of capital. Within the past few years, about $6.5 billion was invested in those who own a small businesses. You’ll also appreciate that the area is financially sound and the cost of doing business (e.g., state and local taxes, labor, and rent) is less than the national average.

Atlanta, Georgia
Although Atlanta is home to several major corporations (e.g., Coca-Cola, Home Depot), it’s also a great place to start a business. In fact, there are more startups in Atlanta than there are in any of the other cities on this list. There are many reasons for this, including the fact that a decent percentage of the area’s residents hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Atlanta is also an attractive place to start a small business if you need venture capital funding. There are also several corporate innovation centers located here. This is particularly helpful for finding talent or if you want to sell your company eventually.

Austin, Texas
This is a popular city filled with live music, culture, and outdoor activities. It’s also a place that warmly welcomes anyone who wants to start a business. You’ll also find a lot of young, new talent here since there are over 400,000 college students within a 100-mile radius. The city government is also very supportive of anyone who owns a small business. Their Chamber of Commerce provides numerous resources and grants to help you start or grow your business. There’s also a dedicated team to help you raise capital, work with local colleges and universities, and attract talent to your small business.

Starting a small business is exciting, but you’ll need some help. Regardless of which city you choose we at Quality Installers are here to help you get set up. Throughout the years we’ve set up various types of establishments for our numerous clients. Get in touch with us so we can get you set up today.

Picture Credit: Pixabay