Advantages Of Ergonomics At The Workplace

Advantages Of Ergonomics At The WorkplaceMany people wonder whether the ergonomics is worth the investment. Let’s check out the advantages of having the office furniture in the right place. If you are looking to decrease the worker’s compensation and health care costs, ergonomics is the way to go. If the core business objective is an improvement in productivity or improvement in quality this will help you in achieving your goal. Many organizations are integrating the ergonomics deeply into their operations. Let’s take a look at the advantages of effective ergonomics.

1. Reduction in costs: If you can systematically decrease the ergonomic risk factors you will succeed in preventing the costly MSDs. It is a fact that around $1 out of $3 of worker’s compensation cost is due to the MSDs. Therefore ergonomics is a significant opportunity for cost-saving. Remember, the indirect costs are twenty times more than the direct ones due to injuries. You can achieve saving through the reduction in incidence rates, lost working days, restricted days, labor costs, worker’s compensation costs, costs per claims, and musculoskeletal disorders.

2. Improvement in productivity: You will find that the better ergonomic solutions often are responsible for improving productivity. By designing the office furniture so that it allows good posture, fewer motions, better heights and reaches, and lesser exertion your workstation can become more efficient. It is found that there is a 25% rise in productivity due to ergonomics. You will find that there is around 25% improvement in productivity by having a good ergonomic design.

3. Improvement in quality: If the office furniture arrangement is in poor ergonomics sense, it leads to fatigued and frustrated workers who are unable to provide their best efforts. Sometimes the task can be physically taxing for the employee and he may not be able to complete the task the way he was trained. For instance, if a worker requires too much force for tightening a screw properly, it may lead to product quality issues. Ergonomics can give you a reduction in errors and scrap.

4. Better employee engagement: In most cases, the employees notice if the company is putting its best foot forward for ensuring their health and safety. In case the employees do not experience discomfort and fatigue during their day at the workplace it leads to decreased absenteeism, improved morale, reduced turnover, and raised employee involvement. You can get a 50% reduction in absenteeism and turnover.

5. A better safety culture: The ergonomics show the commitment of your company as a core value to the employee health and safety. The cumulative effect of the advantages discussed above is a strong safety culture for the organization. Healthy workers are the most valuable asset for your organization so creating and developing better safety and health culture in the organization means better performance from the employees.

6. Provision for changing capabilities: Employees are of all kinds of shapes and sizes with a range of cognitive and physical abilities. Employers are required to take into account the different requirements of all these people. If you use modular design for office furniture it is possible to re-configure the existing arrangement to accommodate, for instance, a new employee.

So, is the process of ergonomics worth the costs involved? Absolutely. Not only is the process good for business it is great for your employees. The questions on everyone’s minds will be will it raise the revenues, reduce costs, and is it the right thing to do? The answer to all these questions is yes. In case you wish to discuss the various aspects of ergonomics with professionals get in touch with Quality Installers in Florida.

Picture Credit: Unsplash