Tips for Moving to a New Office

Tips for Moving to a New OfficeMoving to a new office can be an exciting event for any organization and it doesn’t have to be a stressful activity if you can coordinate it well. There was a survey conducted recently that revealed that office relocation is one of the most stressful events for small businesses and can be compared only with another stressful activity that is hiring new staff. It is due to this fact that several small companies prefer to stay within cramped and expensive places rather than opting for office relocation. Here are some useful office relocation tips to help you increase the chances of an efficient move.

1. Plan for a quick office relocation: Office relocations need detailed preparation and planning. While planning the move you must first decide the moving date and the time-frame for the relocation process. After this, you can come up with the proper schedule for moving the office. You should also have a budget assigned to the relocation process that will come handy while identifying the costs of hiring an office mover. This will also allow you to make informed decisions.

2. Communication with the employees: One of the more important tips for the office relocation process is communication with the employees. Be sure to keep the office staff completely informed about the plans and schedule. In case there are any changes notify them about them along with the various details about the new business premises such as the news address, revised phone numbers if any, and fax numbers. Also, let them know the rules of new building and packing arrangements.

3. Have a project manager for the office relocation: All office relocations are a team effort because this improves the chances of a successful move. If you have a project manager for this process to oversee the operations it will be useful. This project manager must have multi-tasking capabilities, exceptional organization skills, good communication skills, and experience with budgeting. There are some office management tools available that can help with a seamless office relocation.

4. Safeguard all data: You will never know what may happen to your files or hardware during the relocation. You may end up losing significant documents, damage the servers, or hard drives. So, you must take a back-up of your data and protect it from any breach or losses. You can use a digital visitor management system for safeguarding the data. It is easy to move with it because it is cloud-based. This also allows you to be compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) as you will not lose data regarding the people who visited your business before the move.

5. Deep clean the offices: Do not carry the items you do not need in the move. Get rid of the old office files, unnecessary papers, and dispose of the old office furniture. Donate or sell off the office equipment that will not be needed anymore. But be sure to talk with the accountants as donating them is a write-off.

6. Hire professional movers: It is essential to hire professional movers to ensure that the transition is smooth. The movers have the expertise, knowledge, and resources required for a seamless move. They can give you packing and unpacking services which will make sure that all the office furniture items are moved safely. These movers can also identify the various requirements and can help with the drafting of a suitable moving plan. However, you must select a certified, well-established, and insured moving company.

7. Update the new address wherever required: Let the customers and suppliers know about the office relocation and about the new office address where the business activities will resume. Ensure that you update the business cards, the address on website, letterheads, and social media. Get in touch with Google to get the online listing updated a month before the office relocation.

Keep in mind that moving is not as hectic as it may appear. If you can follow these tips for office relocation right from the beginning, you will be able to conduct the transition smoothly and move into the new office premises quickly and seamlessly. Plan as far ahead as possible so that there are no slip-ups through the cracks. For getting help from professional office movers you can consider Quality Installers, the office furniture installation company that can guide you about the office relocation and moving.

Picture Credit: Pexels