Planning A Successful Office Relocation

Planning A Successful Office RelocationSimilar to all major projects, planning and organization are critical for successful office relocation. After the decision for moving the office furniture has been made, the very first thing to do is creating the office relocation project plan. It is one of the more significant steps to be taken during an office relocation. The office relocation plan involves outlining the tasks required for a successful relocation and the plan should also specify the person responsible for the tasks and mention the time when the given task is to be completed. By creating the outline it is ensured that the office relocation process is finished in time and within the budget.

Creating an office relocation plan

  • Decide the one person who will be in charge of the move. It could be yourself or someone working in the company. The person will serve as an in-office movement coordinator. This person must be a terrific coordinator and have the authority to represent your company. He should be capable of taking sharp decisions whenever required.
  • Choose a small planning team. The coordinator will work as the leader of the team and they together will develop a team for creating an office relocation plan.
  • Decide and know the important dates such as current lease termination, preferred date of relocation, lease signing, new office build-up beginning and finish. And a final date for the completion of the relocation.
  • Estimate the budget for the move. Review the budget periodically right through the movement to make sure that the relocation is lying within the budget.
  • Develop a plan that is customized for the office relocation. You may use tips below but the best plan is developed specifically for the office move. Build this plan on a Word document or Excel spreadsheet. List all the tasks required for completing the move and the person responsible for every task.


All office relocations are different therefore you will need to determine which tasks are required for a specific plan. The priority is to ensure that all details are covered in a fixed timeframe and budget. Here are some tips for successful office relocation.

  • Determine whether you will be using the services of professional movers before creating the plan. When you are working with pros, the physical move can be handled by the pros. The mover can manage office relocation therefore those details should not be included in the plan. However, there should be a process mentioned in the plan for selecting the most suitable office mover.
  • Inform the employees about the upcoming move quickly. In case you are moving long-distance, you can talk about relocation packages. Keep your employees informed throughout the process via notices, emails, and company meetings. You can even prepare a set of FAQs to answer the anticipated queries.
  • Decide the space required in the new office for office furniture and take into account future growth.
  • Choose the new office location to decide the lease. Determine the type and length of the lease you will need in advance.
  • Use an office space planner for building and design. Be aware of the dimensions of the new space.
  • Work with the IT team head of planning new office infrastructure.
  • Office relocation is another great opportunity for purging unnecessary files and moving the paper records to the digital. You can also take into account the offsite record storage for freeing up space.

Keep in mind that moving is a lot of work. However, keep in mind the reasons behind the move. For most, offices relocation is done to expand and grow their business in a new manner. In case you want to discuss with professionals about the various aspects of office relocation contact Quality Installers in the Colorado state.