4 Things To Consider When Relocating Your Business

Factors affecting relocation of a businessIf you’ve decided to move your company to new premises, there will be many things to consider at all stages of the process. There are many reasons you might decide to move your company to a new location, including better sales opportunities or a larger pool of available staff. Whatever the motivation behind your decision to move, here are some of the things you should consider.

1. Keep People Informed
You should think about the groups of people you need to inform about your move during different stages. If you have people working for your business, make sure all the employees are kept up to date throughout the process. Think about what impact the move might have on your employees, including redundancies or long commutes to work each day, and decide who you need to inform.

Keep in touch with any suppliers and partners who should know about the move. Any investors in the business should be kept updated about the move, and might even need to have a say in the decision beforehand.

2. Change Your Business Information
The contact information for your business should be kept up to date regularly. Failing to keep your business information up to date could lead to loss of sales and damage to the general reputation of the business. When planning an office relocation, put the moving dates in your diary so you can easily remember to change the address and any other contact information at the time of the move. You should update the information on the company website and any social media pages, as well as any business listings and advertisements.

3. Decide What to Take
Deciding what to take will largely be impacted by the distance you need to travel. If you’re moving from one state to another, you might choose to leave behind all the furniture except some of the most important pieces. You can hire quality furniture installers once you arrive at the new premises to help set up your new office space and provide new furniture if needed.

4. Get Professional Help
You may need professional help with office relocation, so you should decide in advance which services you need to book. You could hire somebody to help dismantle furniture in your current office, or you might need furniture installation in the new premises. Depending on the quantity of furniture you need to take from the office, you might choose to hire a moving service too.

Installing Furniture in Your New Office?
Any office move can be made smoother by getting the professional office furniture installation services you need. Quality Installers can help to install small and large offices all over the US for business of all sizes.

Picture Credit: Crello