Advantages To Personalizing Your Office Desk

Advantages To Personalizing Your Office DeskCompanies that restrict personal items in the workplace may need to rethink their corporate policy here. According to recent studies, allowing employees to optimize their office furniture will make them feel happier while also increasing productivity. There are many reasons for this.

Why Personalization Matters

Each employee’s personality and source of motivation is different. When businesses let their employees express these things, employees feel as though they’ve been both acknowledged and accepted.

Personalization Improves Productivity

A psychologist in the U.K. discovered that employees who could keep a plant or a personal photo on their desk at work were 15% more productive than those people who weren’t allowed either of these items. Additionally, they were also as much as 25% more productive than those people who found themselves working in completely sterile environments. The Harvard Business Review also looked at those office workers who were allowed to personalize their office space and found that these people have a better sense of “place identity,” meaning they felt like they belonged in the space. Those who had the highest levels of place identity were more engaged with their work and they also had a stronger connection to their company.

Personalization Increases Happiness

Being allowed to display personal mementos (e.g. family photos) makes employees smile and reminds them of their motivation. Every individual will appreciate having something different. Even the best office furniture still needs some personal mementos to help optimize the work environment for an individual. These mementos will also create a more inviting environment – one that’ll welcome positive communication amongst employees. This will enable employees to feel more connected to one another, which will also improve office morale.

Personalization Improves Wellbeing

When an office environment is completely open people will spend more energy trying to filter out distractions so they can focus on the work at hand. This is why many of them will complain of exhaustion and find it more challenging to complete their work. All these things are reduced when the environment is personalized. These employees will then have enough energy to deal with the stress and distractions that happen throughout the workday.

Personalization Increases the Sense of Control

Allowing employees to personalize their work environment allows them to have some control over the space they’re working in. This will provide them with a sense of autonomy. When employees can make their own decisions about their work environment they’ll feel as though the company trusts them and believes that they’re responsible enough to make some decisions for themselves.

Having things like photos and artwork on office furniture expresses territory, personality, and identity. By having a space that feels like theirs, employees are more likely to feel both secure and comfortable in their workplace.

Personalization Improves Autonomy

By allowing your employees to personalize their office furniture you’re allowing for opportunities to celebrate the unique person that each of them is. By being allowed to display important images and mementos employees feel more accepted in their workplace. This will help give their creativity a boost which means that unique ideas and solutions will thrive within your business.


Don’t stop by simply allowing your employees to personalize their desks. It’s important to also understand that each employee will have different needs in terms of corporate office furniture. By hiring Quality Installers so your employees can truly personalize this space you’ll increase morale and productivity. So make sure you contact them today.

Picture Credit: Pexels