Selecting The Right Office Furniture Installation Company

Selecting The Right Office Furniture Installation CompanyHiring the right office furniture installation company may not always be easy. It is not as simple as opening Google and typing the best office furniture installation company near me. It is not an easy task to set up offices. Hiring a low-quality office furniture installation company can lead to delays and damage your furniture apart from other serious issues. Now, the question is how do you find the experienced and high-quality office furniture installation companies? You need to ensure that you have selected the right company for your needs. Let’s see some simple tips.

1. The furniture installation service must be flexible and expert in assembly

You need an office furniture installation company that can handle a range of tasks including assembly of various furniture items such as,

  • Reception desk.
  • Office cubicles.
  • Workstations.
  • Office chair and desks.
  • Conference desks.
  • File and bookcase cabinets.
  • TV and Whiteboard mounting.

You need to get a furniture company that can also move, dissemble, and re-assemble the current furniture items. It is particularly more important when you are planning on moving your older furniture to the new premises.

2. Do they provide pre-assembly and warehousing services?

To streamline the office setup process you need to ensure that the selected office furniture installer offers pre-assembly and warehousing services. The companies that provide these services can acquire shipments directly from furniture suppliers to their warehouses. After this the furniture can be assembled in the warehouse after arrival from the supplier. This aids the setting up and installation procedure to go smoothly. The straightforward pieces of office furniture such as chairs and desks may be pre-assembled while the big and bulky items such as reception desks and cubicles need to be set up and assembled on the office site.

3. Are they located conveniently near your office?

For the overall convenience you may wish to search for an office furniture installation company near your office. For instance, if you are looking for office furniture installation in Tampa, FL it is better to find a local company that is providing service in the local area such as Tampa Bay area in Florida. This makes sure that you get a timely and quick service. It is not everything though but having a local and conveniently placed installer may streamline the whole process and ensure the best possible results.

4. Do the installers have a good reputation and experience?

What the office furniture installation company has to say about itself is significant but what their clients say about them is even more important. In any even be sure to browse their testimonials and case studies along with social proofs. Any good installer should be able to provide references and some other kind of social proof for their prior work. There is no substitute for experience especially in case of office furniture installation. Typically if the items installed are used and were customized for fitting the spaces available in the previous work environment.

5. Costing:

The proposal you have received from the installers needs to include transparent costing and no hidden costs of any kind. If there are to be any additional charges they need to be properly itemized and mutually agreed upon before the actual moving day. There should not be any room for confusion later.

Remember, the office employees feel appreciated and valued when the workplace provided is comfortable and contains good quality office furniture. For learning more about planning the office furniture installation get in touch with Quality Installers that has offices across 18 largest cities in the US. The company has been providing services for many years providing office furniture planning, design and installation company and has served hundreds of clients successfully nationwide.