Ways Office Furniture Improves Productivity

Ways Office Furniture Improves ProductivityWorkplace productivity can be influenced by a number of factors. Productive work environments are best cultivated through inter-team communication, but outside factors can play a role as well. One surprising influence is your office furniture. In this article, we’ll go over the ways you can use office furniture to make your workplace more efficient.


Open communication is one of the most important facets of an efficient workplace. Building team spirit is a great way to encourage group problem solving and the spreading of ideas. A good office layout can go a long way to encouraging these open lines of communication. It also encourages employees when they feel listened to, so setting up an office based on input from those working there can improve productivity.

Maintaining the Office Space

An extension of the first point, maintaining office furniture is an important part of maintaining an efficient environment. Keeping an eye on the state of your furniture will enable you to catch wear-and-tear early and avoid major damage. Keeping your furniture modern and updated is also a good way to keep the office feeling new.

Keeping Comfortable

A comfortable workspace is a happy workplace. A workplace should be comfortable enough to relax in to enable hard work. Chairs should be adjustable so that they can be adapted for the needs of different employees. It seems intuitive, but it’s still worth mentioning that comfort will improve productivity.

Along with the chairs, your tables should be comfortable and functional as well. Make sure they are large enough to fit desktops, keyboards, and other office supplies like pens and paperwork comfortably. While you do want to avoid feeling cluttered, it’s also important to avoid making desks and tables too bulky as this will make the office feel cramped and less open.


Another thing that is often overlooked is the importance of lighting in an office. Lighting has the obvious practical use of literally allowing employees to see their work but also provides a vibrant and healthy workplace.

Organizing the Office Space

Furniture positioning is important to creating good flow and in the workplace. A well-organized office accounts for health and safety, as well as the personal styles of employees. Observe the problems in the workflow before reorganizing the office and adjust the set-up accordingly.

The Break Room

Consider setting up some activities in the break room to promote team bonding. Games like pool, table-tennis, and foosball make great additions to a break room for several reasons. They promote teamwork as well as healthy competition as well as giving employees a physical outlet, which has been shown to have multiple health benefits.

While it sounds counterproductive, a T.V. may also be a great break room addition. They may not be known to improve productivity, a T.V. will provide common topics for employees to bond over, increasing teamwork and communication, as well as providing a source of relaxation for stressed out employees.

Kitchen Supplies

Another integral part of a healthy and happy office is the kitchen. The most essential parts of the kitchen are a microwave and a refrigerator. A microwave gives employees the option of hot food, as well a quickly prepared lunch. Another good addition is a drink station with coffee and tea. Those who use it can pool their spare change to fund it.


Tidy offices are more productive. Employees should be responsible for keeping their own desks to a clean standard and can work together to clean communal areas.


The set-up of office furniture can greatly influence efficiency. If you’re interested in redesigning your office, contact Quality Installers for a consultation and quote.

Picture Credit: Unsplash