What Future Generations Are Seeking From Office Furniture

What Future Generations Are Seeking From Office FurnitureThe Rockwell Group recently created a brief discussing how an office furniture collection can inspire connection and respect our planet. This was their response to Benchmark (a British manufacturer) when they requested the AD100 firm work with them to design a new furniture collection that’s composed of their signature material: wood. The new collection, known as the “Sage Collection” combines Benchmark’s decades of experience with the Rockwell Group’s sensibilities.

 Introducing the Sage Collection’s Manufacturers

Sean Sutcliffe, co-founder of Benchmark, makes it seem as though the pairing between these two companies was almost inevitable. Sutcliffe says that to make your work life better you must include some fun, theater, and drama. This is why he says Benchmark was interested in working with the Rockwell Group.

 On the other hand, David Rockwell, founder of the Rockwell Group, seems as though he’s preoccupied with having fun. His company has experience working with theater set design. This experience helps bring an element of mutability to several of this collection’s pieces. One example of this is the adjustable height sit-to-stand workstation with its curtain-like felt piece. They hope this piece embraces one of their key ideas, which was transformation – creating pieces that served more than one purpose. This was in hopes of relieving the anxiety that oftentimes accompanies choosing the right office furniture. Instead, everything can be personalized at any time to make working in the office more pleasurable.

 Introducing the Sage Collection’s Sit-to-Stand Desks

The Sage Collection’s desks are both versatile and aesthetically pleasing. You can both display and contain objects with this workstation since it also serves as a low room divider. By pairing it with shelving you can also form a taller partition so that you can still have some privacy even in an open office arrangement. In other words, you can create space within other spaces that’ll feel protected even though it’s connected.

With this line, one of Rockwell’s sourcing problems has also been solved: There wasn’t any furniture previously available to create a WELL-certified building since there was only a small amount of furniture in the marketplace that satisfied WELL standards. This meant the choice was restricted but now this timber and solid wood furniture will intrinsically satisfy these standards.

 Understanding the Line’s Sustainability

The Sage Collection’s wood isn’t the only thing making this line sustainable. The other materials that are used by this collection are also nontoxic and certifiable. The wood that is used is treated with natural oil instead of using paint or a formaldehyde-based stain. On the other hand, its upholstery is composed of coconut fibers and graphite-infused latex, without any plastic or toxins, so it doesn’t have any negative emissions.


Today there’s a new generation of employees who are choosing where they work depending upon the office furniture and environment. In other words, it’s about more than money and health. With this in mind, if you’ve set your sites on buying this new office furniture, you’ll need to hire some experienced installers to make sure that it’s set up correctly. For this, you can rely on Quality Installers so give them a call today.

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