How to Create the Perfect Office Space to Boost Employee Productivity

How to Create the Perfect Office Space to Boost Employee ProductivityMillennials present a peculiar situation in the workplace. Giving them raises or offering them more vacation days won’t keep their morale high or improve upon their productivity. Instead, they must feel appreciated and respected. They also need to have an office space that they love. This doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might imagine though.

Create an Ideal Layout

Nobody wants to work in a dull cubicle today. Now everyone is looking for open, vibrant, spacious areas that allow them to move about freely and communicate with their office mates. This is why it’s important to create an office space that brings people together – equipped with co-working hubs where people can socialize and exchange ideas. Of course, privacy is still important but you must create it in a way that still lets your employees flow freely so they enjoy their time at work.

Offer Seamless Connectivity

In previous years most offices had lots of cables running around the edges to workstations so that your laptop and cell phone were always charged. Today, these are being replaced by wireless offices. This is because furniture offering wireless charging is commonplace. Not only does this make your office look better, it also allows you to enjoy innovative technology in your ever-demanding workplace.

Create Multifunctional Areas

Truly productive office spaces can meet all your employees’ daily needs. This is something that a cookie-cutter design will never accomplish. Instead, you must create a multifunctional are that’s representative of your brand. Of course, there will still be times when your employees will require complete silence so they can focus, which is why you should have booths to the side of this area for their use. It’s also important to have a fully stocked kitchen and rec room today as well.

Improve Lighting and air Flow

Today’s employees don’t function well if their office space doesn’t offer them good lighting and air flow. This is why it’s important to trade your fluorescent lighting for the soft, friendly hue of eco-friendly LED lights. You’ll also want to use air purifiers and air out your office frequently. Adding some air-purifying plants to the mix will help add vibrancy and zeal to your office too.

Go Ergonomic

The work environment must be comfortable. The way employees sit at their desks profoundly impacts their mental health throughout the day. This is why you should include ergonomic furniture that supports good posture throughout the day. Doing so will increase productivity levels throughout your office, creating a win-win situation for everyone in your business.


Creating this type of an office space will take both effort and commitment on your behalf. However, doing so will help you attract the top talent in your industry who will want to stay with your company even through uncertain times. This is important because today’s employee retention rates are lower than in the past. So, reach out to Quality Installers so they can help you design your space for maximum happiness and productivity that results in thriving, loyal employees.

Picture Credit: Michael Warf