How Wintertime Affects Workplace Productivity

How to improve workplace productivity in the winterAs winter approaches, colder temperatures and possible snow and ice are on the horizon. An office furniture installer can tell you that with this comes some workplace productivity changes.

For some individuals, winter is a time that can be rather hard on them. They may lack motivation due to seeing less sunlight and colder temperatures. During the winter months, many people are under stress as well. All of this makes it harder to stay focused at work. However, there are some easy things that can be done that can make your work area a more productive place.

An office furniture installer may tell you one way to keep your employees productive is to keep the temperature warm enough in your building. Ideally, most individuals like the temperature to be between 68 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Working in areas that are too cold can make employees cranky, irritated, and tired. It can also lead to employees getting sick with colds and the flu. For some, it may make it harder to concentrate on performing the task at hand.

However, the ideal temperature may vary from employee to employee or where you are located. Those working near Colorado will have different ideal temps than those working near Tampa, FL. A climate control system works best for this. If you aim to keep all staff comfortable, this system will work the best. You may consider giving staff access to thermometers so they can adjust them as needed.

As many of your staff may come to work when it is dark, and even leave when it is dark, keeping the office well lit is a good idea to increase productivity. An office furniture installer will tell you that when a person has a lack of sunlight, fatigue can set in. To help your staff with energy, install artificial lighting. It is also a great idea to allow employees the opportunity to go outside for a few minutes if they are starting to feel tired or lethargic.

To ensure a comfortable and productive environment, it’s crucial to incorporate different types of lighting in your building. Although artificial lighting can efficiently illuminate an area, it is essential to include natural light as well. Without natural light, people tend to feel fatigued and unproductive, leading to decreased performance. By incorporating natural light sources such as windows, skylights, or indoor gardens, you can enhance the ambiance of the space, improve the overall mood of the occupants, and increase productivity. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to have a balanced combination of artificial and natural lighting in your building.

Winter is a great time for you to remind your staff to focus on their health. Encourage them to stay home if they are sick. Remind them to wash their hands, eat healthy, and get plenty of fluids. Stock your break room with a variety of hot teas, cocoas, and coffees. Invest in a water cooler to encourage extra fluids. Encourage your employees to get enough sleep so they are both healthy and productive.

If it is too cold to leave home, you may consider allowing your employees to work from home. This will allow them to be toasty warm without even having to leave. For some individuals, once they have been chilled to the bone, it is hard for them to warm up.

You might also encourage your staff to use their paid leave during the winter months. Or you could tell staff that they are free to set their own hours, so they can start earlier or later depending on which feels best or suitable for them.

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Picture Credit: Freepik