Reconfiguring Your Office After COVID

Office Design After COVID-19Now that the government’s restrictions are relaxing regarding COVID, many offices are starting to reopen. Having good office furniture installed by a furniture installer in Tampa will help your employees feel better about going to your office to work each day. Today this is something that many employers are concerned about. Whether you’re buying all new furniture or simply thinking about furniture relocation, there are a few things that you should think about.

What are the current requirements for offices to be labeled as ‘COVID-safe’?
When your employees returned to the office, you probably had a plan in place that included a COVID workplace risk assessment. Since you’ll have different requirements than other businesses when it comes to your office furniture, it’s important to work with an office furniture installer in Tampa. As you worked with them to conduct the assessment, you should’ve considered such things as how space is utilized, deep cleaning regimes, and proper signage, especially if you’d planned to undertake furniture relocation. You may also wish to have your furniture installer in Tampa install screens on your desks to help reduce COVID-19 transmission.

Do furniture installers in Tampa think that traditional office furniture is becoming outdated?
It’s going to take time to determine whether furniture relocation or updates are more popular. Recently the high cost of office furniture has made it more popular to reduce the number of desks. There are numerous reports that suggest open office plans constrain productivity and make it challenging for staff to make phone calls though. Furniture installers in Tampa say that this is because staff can’t concentrate as well.

In the past, some occupations (e.g., lawyers, accountants) embraced the type of office furniture you’d find in what was traditionally known as the “partner office.” However, there have been some senior decision-makers who, over time, have decided that it’s a good idea to undergo furniture relocation so that they could move away from the open plan system. Since this happened, offices have become smaller. Now that social distancing has been in effect for a while, some offices have found that they need more space but unfortunately can’t afford it. This is why you see so many screens and dividers in these places.

What are the attitudes towards furniture relocation and use?
There’s a major difference between those companies that can afford furniture relocation and those that are being “forced” to operate remotely. Unfortunately, not every company is able to operate effectively in this fashion. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • There are a lot of different distractions at home.
  • Many times, the internet connections are poor.
  • Mobile phone signals are weak in some areas.
  • Lack of the level of self-motivation that’s necessary for those who need to operate effectively in their home office.
  • Remote onboarding is more difficult and sometimes more expensive than purchasing new office furniture.
  • Younger staff members tend to benefit from interacting with team members who are more experienced and can offer informal training.
  • Many people need the human interaction and camaraderie that the office naturally lends itself to.

Where can you find a furniture installer in Tampa?
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Picture Credit: Freepik