5 Things to Consider When Installing New Office Furniture

Factors To Consider When Selecting Office FurnitureMoving to a new office or considering getting new office furniture? Here are some important factors to keep in mind when choosing and installing new office furniture.

1. Know your budget

It’s important to know your budget before you start. How much are you willing to spend on office furniture? Knowing this amount up front will save time and effort in determining the quality of furniture and defining needs from wants. Once you know your budget shop around for the best deals and highest quality furniture in your price range. Also, get competitive pricing on the installation of your new office furniture but, remember that using qualified installers is an imperative. Your new office furniture needs to be carefully and properly set up.

2. Consider the space

The dimensions of your office space will be a determining factor in the kind of furniture you should choose. It’s become more common to create shared workspaces in smaller offices today. Consider large co-working tables or common work areas. Do you need personal space for each individual employee? How far apart can you set desks? Good installers can help plan this out with you.

Make sure the office furniture you go with is tech-friendly. Leave enough space for hardware and wires for computers, phone, printers and any other equipment you need.

3. Comfort is important

No matter what, consider the comfort of your workers. Comfort usually correlates to productivity. If your team is not comfortable in cubicles or desks, it could impact productivity and performance. Consider workplace morale. Many offices today have areas where employees can gather to sit on couches or comfortable chairs and brainstorm. This may be something that could work for you. It’s more commonplace in the tech industry but can work for other industries as well.

If you want to set up cubicles for privacy in your new office space, consider what kind of dividers you need. It’s still the most cost-effective way to give every employee a mini-office within your office without losing camaraderie and communication.

4. Aesthetics – make it attractive and clean

When selecting office furniture, go for consistency of color and design across the entire office. If the furniture color or style is different for every area, then an office can look like unorganized and messy. Consistency shows professionalism and is also calming. Disarray makes people feel at ease. You don’t want to look like you bought furniture from bargain basements or garage sales.

Hygiene is also important in the workplace. Choose the type of material your furniture wisely. Something that shows stains and that isn’t easy to clean must be avoided. Make cleanliness a priority.

5. Desks and chairs – Make them employee friendly

When selecting office desks, bear in mind that employees will spend most of their time sitting at that desk in that chair. Choose functional desks that are large enough for an employee to write and work from with ease. Talk to your installer and make sure they set up the desks and chairs in a way that ensures adequate leg space underneath for employees to stretch, occasionally.

Consider standing desks for some employees. This is a new trend and can be very beneficial in avoiding back and leg issues.

Chairs are super important to consider when designing an office space. Most employees sit in their chairs for eight to nine hours daily. They must be extremely comfortable and adjustable, but not too comfortable. You want employees to be productive, not lounging. Office chairs with wheels allow employees quick movement and accessibility. They’re a time saver.

No matter what kind of office furniture you choose, have it properly installed by a professional installation company. Check out Quality Installers. We have offices all around the US and will be happy to quote your installation. We can move your existing office furniture to your new office and help you plan the layout as well.

Image credit: StartupStockPhotos