Things To Consider Before Adding Cubicles To Your Office Space

Cubicles Offer a Great Return on InvestmentIn December 2017 Forbes Magazine determined that about 70% of American offices utilize an open office space design. The majority of these companies were following the trend that was established by tech giants like Apple, Google, and Infosys. These companies did away with cubicles because they hoped to improve productivity by creating collaborative workspaces. However, after several years of this trend, it’s been discovered that most offices aren’t more productive. Instead, these office spaces tend to cause more distractions and chaos. With this in mind, there are several reasons why you should do away with this type of office space in favor of kiosks instead.

Cubicles Show Your Employees That You Trust Them

Regardless of how much praise your company’s human resources gives to shared office space, saying they’re great for collaboration, studies show that employees still need their privacy. When a company doesn’t offer this to their employees these employees will start to feel as though they aren’t trusted. Therefore, if talent retention is a high priority for your business, you should create private areas throughout your office. This may be as simple as adding glass walls or panel-based workstations.

Cubicles Support Tasks That are Highly Analytical

Although shared office space promotes a culture in which brainstorming and ideation are encouraged it’s still important for your employees to have quiet areas where they can work on complex tasks. For instance, if you employ network architects, financial analysts, or actuaries they’ll need private areas where they can complete their work. This is just one of the many examples of why it’s important to create smart office areas as a part of your company’s strategic goals, mission, and culture.

Cubicles Make Employees Feel More Secure About Their Jobs

Although there are a lot of offices that still use open plans it’s possible to also create private offices for employees therein. These offices are a great place to add personal touches that your employees will appreciate. These kiosks are also a great way to determine how to better motivate your employees while also helping them feel more secure. You’ll also find that these are a cost-effective way to show your employees that you appreciate them and want them to continue working for your company. Of course, these are all things that you want your employees to experience which is why you should include them in your office today.

Cubicles Offer a Great Return on Investment (ROI)

While it may seem more expensive to create a private office for each of your company’s employees, it’s much more cost-friendly than creating an open environment in your office. When you take a moment to closely compare the prices here you’ll find that open spaces result in lower productivity and more sick days.

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Picture Credit: Pixabay