Office Decor Tips For Fall

The days are getting shorter, and the temperatures are beginning to fall. You have probably been digging out warmer clothes, started making soups and stews, and may have even started decorating with the traditional fall colors. But the real question is, is your office decor up to par?

There are various ways you can make your office more fall-friendly. After all, if it feels like you will be spending more time there as it will be getting darker sooner, chances are you can use these tips from an office furniture installer to give your office decor a fall pick-up.

Any office furniture installer will tell you that a simple way to say hello to fall is to use scents such as pumpkin spice, apple cider, coffee, crisp leaves, and spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves). People love these scents because they are familiar and make us feel cozy. There is nothing better than being as snug as a bug on a cooler day. Consider lighting a candle that smells like fresh fallen leaves or using an air freshener that is pumpkin-scented. You might wish to try wax melts, too, or even potpourri.

Since we are on the subject of being cozy, a furniture installer may tell you that a simple way to decorate for autumn is to add a few throw pillows or blankets to your office area. The blankets will lend a bit of comfort if there is a chill in the air. We love traditional fall pillows with scarecrows and pumpkins on them. However, you can feel free to use pillows with bats, jack-o-lanterns, black cats, owls, witches, vampires, and mummies.

Near Birmingham, there are various pumpkin patches that you can find great pieces to use for your office decor. Some of our favorite pieces are small pumpkins and gourds for tables and desks. Feel free to get creative and add little trinkets, such as small plastic spiders, plastic skeletons, and wooden ghosts, to complete the look. You can even add in your favorite Halloween treats, such as popcorn balls and peanut butter kisses.

While at the pumpkin patch, you may wish to purchase several large pumpkins. These pumpkins can adorn steps to give an autumn vibe and can be used throughout Thanksgiving. Or, you may wish to have a jack-o-lantern carving party with your office to see who can craft the best jack-o-lantern.

No office is complete without a Halloween tree. These are easily made by finding a black Christmas tree (many stores carry these around autumn time). For a topper, you may wish to use a jack-o-lantern, a black cat head, a ghost, or a Frankenstein head. Then, decorate the tree with wooden ornaments, spiders, orange or purple tinsel, pumpkin lights, and more.

You may wish to purchase a few strands of lights to use for the entire office. There are many great Halloween lights that are shaped like black cats, mummies, owls, and even Halloween movie characters (think Freddy, Jason, or Michael Myers).

Of course, if you truly want to reinvent your office area for the long haul, consider purchasing stand-up desks, ergonomic office chairs, large tables with plugins for collaboration, and various other types of chairs for comfort.

If you are near Birmingham and are ready to reinvent your office space, contact Quality Installers. This professional office furniture installer company can help you create the masterpiece you see in your head for your office area.

Picture Credit: iStock