Choosing Outdoor Furniture For Commercial Space

Outdoor Furniture InstallationThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. This doesn’t mean people near Orlando don’t want to be outdoors, though. In fact, people are searching for outdoor spaces in which they can do things that they’d normally do indoors (e.g., working, socializing, entertaining). You’ll garner many benefits by working with a furniture installer to add an outdoor space to your business. However, it must be designed correctly.

Determine the purpose of the area.
The first thing a furniture installer will ask you is how you want to use your outdoor space near Orlando. Determining how you’ll use this space will help you decide upon what type of outdoor furniture you’ll need to purchase for the area. This is important because shopping for commercial patio furniture is different from shopping for furniture that you’d use at home. One of the main ways in which this is true is that you’ll need to choose furniture that appeals to your intended audience, too. For instance, the furniture college students use is going to be different from the furniture that working professionals use. By keeping this in mind, you’ll be able to build an outdoor environment that’s perfectly suited for the people who will most likely use it.

Maintain a cohesive design.
When talking to a furniture installer about the style and design of your space, they’ll want to know about the building’s outdoor architecture as well as its indoor design. This is important for a variety of reasons. For instance, if your space is located next door to a historical building near Orlando, you don’t want a funky, modern design because it’ll look out of place. You also want to consider how people who walk by your space view your design choices.

Find durable outdoor furniture.
When working with a furniture installer to create an outdoor space, make sure to build it to last. This means you’ll want to find durable commercial patio furniture that’ll withstand various types of weather as well as patrons’ daily wear and tear.

Make your space near Orlando accessible.
You’ll want your furniture installer to design your space near Orlando so that it’s ADA-accessible. Not only will you want to find this type of outdoor furniture, but you must also take into consideration how you set everything up. These are important considerations because to be ADA-compliant, you must ensure that at least 5% of fixed furniture (anything that’s connected to the ground or wall) is accessible to people with a disability. You must also have accessible routes (e.g., ramps, alternative ways of moving between levels, adequate space between fixed furniture) in place.

Find sustainable pieces.
Not only will the environment thank you for choosing environmentally friendly outdoor furniture, but so will your business. This is because sustainability is at the forefront of many consumers’ minds today. Aligning your business with sustainable practices will positively impact how your consumers view your business. Therefore, you’ll want to look for things like furniture that uses PolyTuf. This means that the furniture is made from 95% recycled materials. These furnishings are also weather-resistant, and yet they still offer the luxurious look of wood.

Don’t forget the accessories.
Remember, no space is truly complete without some accessories. For instance, you may want to add some eye-catching planter boxes to complement your plants. You should also consider the little details that people will notice and appreciate (e.g., bench armrests).

Hire a company to install outdoor furniture for you.
Outdoor furniture installers are available from Quality Installers near Orlando, Florida. Their skilled team can assist you with anything, from putting up your new patio furniture to installing outdoor equipment. You can depend on them to ensure that your furniture is fitted correctly and is ready for you to enjoy, thanks to their attention to detail and dedication to client satisfaction.

Picture Credit: Freepik