The Cost Of Office Furniture Installation

How much do office furniture installers charge?Whether you’re buying new furniture for your office or you’re simply rearranging what you’ve already purchased, it’s a good idea to hire professional office furniture installers to do the job for you. When you do this job yourself, you’ll find that it’s time-consuming, tedious, and dangerous, especially if you’re inexperienced. Before you reach out and hire someone, you may have a few questions that need to be answered.

How much do office furniture installers charge?
Typically, you should expect to pay office furniture installers $35 – $90 per hour, but this depends on where your office is located. For instance, you’ll probably pay more if your office is in New York City than you’d pay if it were located in Dayton, Ohio. The price is consistent with hiring a handyperson, though.

The cost of assembly will also depend on how long it takes to put together an item. Custom furniture will also cost more since you’ll need to hire someone who can both design and assemble the piece.

How does the number of pieces factor into the cost?
The number of pieces you have assembled at one time will also factor into the cost you pay. There are some companies that’ll charge you a flat rate for each piece they assemble. They may also provide you with a discount that’s dependent on having more items assembled at once. For instance, if they charge you $150 to assemble a single piece, you may have another piece of furniture that’s around the same size assembled for $130. This would save you from paying double.

How does the type of furniture factor into the cost?
This is another important factor in how much office furniture installers will charge you. Since small furniture (e.g., stools, end tables, chairs) are easier to assemble, you’ll pay less for their assembly. However, you’ll pay more for larger pieces of furniture (e.g., tables, desks) because they take longer to assemble, and they make even require additional installers.

Why should you hire office furniture installers instead of doing the job yourself?
While you could do this work yourself, there are certain perks you’ll enjoy if you have a professional do the work for you. Hiring them may be worth the cost for several reasons, including:

  • Since they’re experienced, they’ll be able to take care of anything that comes up while assembling the furniture.
  • With some furniture assembly, you’ll need to use sophisticated tools that professionals have more experience using.
  • Professionals will ensure that your furniture is both safe and stable, thus eliminating any safety risks.
  • You’ll have less stress because the furniture will be assembled without any hassle.

How much should you tip professionals for assembling the furniture in your office?
Although it isn’t expected that you tip if you’d like to do so, it’s customary to tip $10 per person. If you receive superior service or the piece is challenging to assemble, you may wish to tip as much as $20 per person.

How long will it take to assemble the furniture in your office?
Assembling furniture in your office can take anywhere from 1 – 4 hours, depending on the complexity of the design and the number of parts. When you hire professional assemblers, they’ll unpack the boxes, make sure that nothing is damaged, use their tools to assemble the items, then dispose of the boxes for you.

How can you hire office furniture installers?
As you can see, there are a few considerations (e.g., your budget and online reviews) you must make before hiring someone to assemble the furniture in your office. As you go through the process, you’ll find that we at Quality Installers in San Jose, CA, have everything you need all in one place. So, instead of wasting your valuable time, contact us right away.