Taking Care Of Veneer Office Furniture

veneer-desk-staplesSo you’ve got really nice office furniture that has a veneer coating. Just like the furniture at home, you’ll need to take care of this furniture to ensure it maintains its luster and beauty.

Veneer office furniture might take a more beating than the furniture you have at home for several reasons. If you have a high traffic work place then you’ll have all sorts of customers and clients showing up and putting a some wear and tear on your office furniture. If you spend long hours with entertaining clients or if workers have their work stations using the veneer furniture, bumps, scrapes, spills, heavy and light objects, and hot and cold drinks and food will be put on the surfaces of these furnishings and each has the potential to do some damage.

One way to protect the surface of your veneer office furniture is to place a glass or plexi-glass over the surface. It should be cushioned so as not to come in direct contact with the veneer surface and provide enough space to allow air to course through but also be sturdy enough to accommodate objects of various weights and temperatures. The covering should be placed security so that it can’t be moved around or jostled too lightly.

The issue here is that the beauty of a veneer surface is the purpose of getting such a surface and you want a protective cover that doesn’t occlude it but showcases it. You’ll need to clean it too with simple solutions that don’t contain ammonia. Ammonia can damage a veneer surface for sure. The same goes for wax based or oil based products. It’s best to use a good wood soap instead.

For polishing, shop around for one that really meets the task. Your local hardware store should have people behind the counter or on the floor that can recommend a good polish. There’s nothing like seeing a fine glimmer to a fine veneer furniture surface. You can see your reflection so clear that you could shave from it.

Finally, direct sunlight can be murder to a veneer finish. If you have to have your veneer furniture in a sunny locale, you might try finding a UV coated glass or plexi-glass protective sheet. It takes a lot of care to bring out a great veneer finish and you don’t want mother nature taking away your glory because of a few sun rays.

If you take care of your veneer office furniture, they will take care of you, making your work place look professional and brighten your work day.

Image credit: staples.com