Making Your Furniture Decorations Stretch

Making Your Furniture Decorations StretchDecorating the home is the final step after purchase. It’s like the icing on the cake to your biggest investment and even if you’ve had your home for a while, it doesn’t hurt to try some new and different decorating tips regarding your home furniture.

There are lots of tricks and tips to make the home look bigger and brighter by just arranging furniture around. Knowing these goodies can add an air of comfort and perception that belies the real dimensions of the room.

First of all, space things out. Don’t cram everything together just to take up space. If you don’t need that extra sofa or those extra chairs, take them out. It makes the room look roomier and if you need them later when company arrives the you can walk them back in. It also makes it easier to maintain the furniture and room as you won’t have to clean so may items nor move them around like musical chairs.

Look at the big and small items in the room ad give them their just due. This means if you have furniture and items that are of different sizes but you’ve got them piled up on top of one another, it looks cramped ad sloppy. You may have thought you were giving the room a homey feeling, but in reality it looks like you’re just dumping things down. This goes for pillows. Don’t clutter the sofa with every pillow you can find nor toss a huge theme park designed laden pillow with fringes smack dab in the center of the sofa. It makes the place look busy ad stuffed. Use smaller pillows, well spaced. If company needs more pillow support you can add to it, but keep things simple so that people can actually see the couch, not wonder if it is a couch.

Use tall flowing drapes if you ca. Even if you have to put the braces higher than the window, the long drapes will make the room look taller ad more majestic. If you use blinds, then don’t choose a color that looks like ti says ‘stop’. You want your window space to say ‘open’ instead.

Get big art. You can either make your own artwork or buy big prints to frame. It makes the walls seem lively and rich. Same goes for other wall decorations. Don’t put up uncle Joe’s stuffed marlin he caught, pick something that looks like it’s continuous, flowing, alive and your walls and room will look that away.

Rugs are a great way to make the room look bigger and more classy. You can find some awesome prints for very reasonable prices all over. Don’t run the rug the full length and breadth of the carpet, instead give it a few feet on all sides. Make sure the rug doesn’t clash with the carpet’s colors and that the rug will appear to lift and spread out instead of sink in ad shrink. It’s all about optical illusions and you’ll have to experiment here and there to get just the right combination of styles, colors, and patterns. Don’t forget to ask for other people’s opinions as they may prove to be of great value and inspiration.

Image credit: skdesign