Relocating Your Office

Relocating Your OfficeWell, it’s time for the big day and you’re ready to relocate your office. That means moving the office furniture or buying new office furniture too.

It might be a good idea to just buy new office furniture instead of moving the old stuff. If your old office furniture is in somewhat good to excellent condition, you can sell it and use the money for your new furniture. It wills save time and money and effort, and make the logistics of moving much easier.

The problem with relocating your office are the logistics and the possibility of losing revenue. It doesn’t have to be that way if you plan properly. You have to do things so far in advance that the transition has to be smooth as silk. This is why one major factor in moving faster and more efficiently is ditching the old furniture and having the new stuff delivered to your new address. Less cost in storage and trucking.

You need to have your staff at attention at all times. Some may be on duty at the new location with bare bones office furniture and equipment to start things up. Have their input on what kinds of furniture the new place might need and consider efficiency, comfort, and aesthetics into the mix. This will give you a head start on your plans which will again, save time and money.

Check with retailers who offer discounts to new customers and new businesses. They may be aware of a manufacturer’s incentives to show off their stuff with discounts or beta testing. Appoint a team of people to look into this as you handle all the paperwork and manage your employees.

As for your clients, you can get some input from them if they visit your office and see what furniture they would like. This is how you get them to chat on social media. Nothing like being asked one’s opinion from a company regarding one’s own comfort. Makes the customers feel extra special, and when they tell others, those people will consider taking part in your products and services.

Overall, office furniture has to meet the atmosphere and function of your business. Stay away from anyone on staff who thinks they’re a Park Avenue designer. They’ll ruin your life by getting the most garish and inefficient. If the wife or husband tries to add their two cents and you know they’ll mess things up, just smile and say, “Yes dear”, and move on.
Your bottom line is to make your office work right, transition fast with the least amount of turbulence. If you’re going to go through this kind of thing, you might as well be comfortable with some new office furniture.

Image credit: Jean-Marie Guyon