Ergonomic Office Furniture Is Where It’s At

Ergonomic Office Furniture Is Where It's AtHave you ever thought of using ergonomic office furniture? It would make sense that these scientifically designed pieces offer both comfort and the ability to relieve physical stress on bones, and joints, and muscles as well.

Sitting around in an office for hours on end is not good for the human body. It cuts off circulation for one thing, invites bad posture, and leads to such sedentary lifestyle changes that it’s just detrimental overall. What you need to understand is that the body wasn’t meant to be in the positions we take while sitting and operating certain devices like keyboards. The ergonomic keyboards are designated in respect to the shape of the hand, writes, fingers, elbows, and posture. Bending or putting too much stress in an awkward position regarding your body could lead to many other compounded maladies such as bad growth, over extension, and these could lead to everything from pulling a muscle, tendon, ligament or malformation of a bone or two, especially the back and neck. Add to that the possibility of sciatica and you have a big blueprint for why you should use ergonomic office furniture.

The good news is that ergonomic office furniture isn’t that more expensive than regular office furniture that is on the market today. The difference is that ergonomic office furniture is specially designed for comfort, range of motion and position of the body, and extremities. These furnishings are designed and engineered by people with medical backgrounds, especially in chiropractic treatments. You’ll find a variety of such furniture and the competition is good. The best way to find the right furniture for you and your office is to check the credentials of the company and their background. Who are their designers and engineers? Do they work with an institute in medicine that is credited and licensed? Are you getting real professional advice and consultation in the design and engineering an d just some studious looking fellow model in a lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck. Get the facts. Look at the reviews. Talk to the manufacturer and get those inside facts.

Look at your staff and the variety in body shapes and sizes. Ask the manufacturer their recommendations for such furniture and can some be adjusted.
Finally, look a the construction and what materials are used for, warranties, and easy cleaning. You’ll have a happier and more productive staff in the short and long term.

Image credit: Felix Malu Muluilay