How to get the most out of your office furniture and beyond!

How to get the most out of your office furniture and beyond!When it comes to the work environment, but specifically for those of us who work out of an office, appearance is everything. From the way your desk appears, the positioning of furniture, to the stability—and safety—of your armchair for example. Armchair’s are very valuable for ‘9-5ers’ and make all the difference in comfort.

Many people neglect or don’t feel it’s necessary to rotate, tighten, or modify screws on their armchairs, let alone table—think tighten for this one. Every six months is most desirable. Some office professionals utilize daylight savings time as a marker to remind them to tight, change, or modify the nuts and bolts on the furniture to prevent breakage, abuse, or danger. The reality is, with an average price range of around $50.00 for a mediocre armchair, this furniture is not designed to carry and push or hold 100’s of pounds of weight on a regular basis, specifically the common neglect that is involved. For example, how we use the office chair or table to push off of for a boost, or balance.  Take extra care to prevent scratches, dents, or decay of your furniture by making it a special point not to bump the furniture against one another, drop objects against them, and the most obvious foods or drinks. Specifically, acidic-based sodas and juices can be especially damaging to (real) quality wood office furniture.

In terms of maintenance, dependent upon the material your desk or chairs are made out of such as wood veneer, metal, or laminate, dusting is strongly recommended. Moreover, you typically can’t go wrong with using a simply dry-cloth for dusting your office furniture down. Using a cloth dampened with warm water and mild soap is usually the safest bet. Above all else, always ensure you check the manufacturer instructions on your furniture maintenance routine and acceptable chemical lists—kind of like you have to do for your dry-cleaning. Also consider wood oils and special soaps from the store if you’re especially interested in protecting your investment.

If your furniture is made out of metal, specifically steel based, or metal painted for that matter then just your average dusting-routine can make all the positive difference in its appearance and lifespan.  Try to treat your office furniture with the same level of care and maintenance as your car, and it may very well wind up lasting all the longer, and maintaining that ‘fresh’ look!

Image credit: Dmytro Grankin