Five design tips to improve office productivity

What is it that you exactly feel when you visit an office space where the tile floors look old, the fluorescent lighting appears stale, the office furniture pieces are lackluster, and windows are absent completely? Most should agree that the overall ambience and atmosphere is not at all conducive to productivity. A number of researches have been carried out to show that such office atmosphere is both uninspiring and causes anxiety and stress. Design is something that matters however unbelievable it may strike to people. Mentioned below are five design tips that help in office productivity:

1.         Lighting

There should be plenty of natural light in an office space. It is usual that employees spend the most part of the day in office and they need to feel connected to the world outside. The work attitude can suffer a negative impact when the exposure to light becomes limited. There are studies showing that fatigues and headaches are fought by natural light. Snoozing and moodiness will be all gone when the blinds are lifted and natural light comes in. Windows and glass walls besides good office furniture are important because they reflect natural light into the rooms.

2.         Tidiness

There are times when clutter can actually promote creativity at office in specific environments, it cannot be always considered to be the right thing for productivity at office. When paper works are reduced half the clutter in the office space gets reduced. Keeping the office furniture and one’s own space organized and neat will actually make a difference not just to the individual but to his co-workers as well. It is quite difficult to be focused with the world sitting on the desk.

3.         Spaces for break out

If the office is open floor planned promoting collaborative culture, it is important that the employees are given a space so that the employees can have their privacy at phone calls or a quiet time to themselves. Being in an area in which employees should be able to escape the office buzz just in order that they may calm down in stress-free surroundings is conducive to office productivity. The spaces for break out help improve the relationship between employees and staff morale. All companies would find the communal areas to be beneficial.

4.         Comfort and ergonomics

Comfort and ergonomics walk hand in hand. Ergonomics refers to the science of arranging things when they can be used safely and easily by people. The individuals in an office can often be seen sitting at the desk and stretching and adjusting little much. When the seat is not comfortable this is much commonly seen. Comfortable office furniture is conducive to the productive growth of any company.

5.         Aesthetics

An office space must have inspiring paintings hanging on the walls, nice color themes, quality office furniture, and right table décor in order to sound appealing to the employees. Emotional and physical responses are evoked by colors and therefore filling in the right colors can be helpful in filling in energy in the staff.