Repair your furniture after the holidays are over

The holidaying spirit takes us to offer everything, starting from heart and home to sleeper sofa, to the near and dear ones. However, when all the merriment is over and when the guests are all gone, we realize that what genuinely paid for all celebration is the poor furniture. It certainly would need to be fixed and brought back to its original form. But what stands as a question is “how” and which is the area to begin with. The experts who are associated with renewal and repair of furniture maintain that it is this time of the year when leather furniture is open to the most use. Though guests, who are clumsy, cause a part of the damage, the homeowners do most of the damage by inefficiently handling and repairing it. Though there are different kinds of leather furniture, the following methods are applicable for leather that is fully finished.

Let us take that one of the guests tries the new marker on leather sofa. It is useless trying to scrub it off with ordinary cleaners. The most commonly committed mistakes include the use of dish soaps and hair sprays for removing the marks. Dish soap has degreasing ingredients in it which can cause the top coat of the leather furniture to be permanently de-glossed and damaged. Hair spray contains alcohol and can cause the top coating to be ruined. The most effective way would be to use special leather cleaner with a sponge. If the stains are too deep, professional help should be sought.

Trying to paint the toe nails can end up with a touch on the cushion. Using a nail polish remover is what people do at these times. The nail polish remover would bleach the entire colour out of the area along with that of the surrounding areas and leave behind a spot larger in size than the spot created by the nail polish. The recommended cleaner is that meant for leather furniture. The cleaner can be used on a sponge and the area should be rubbed lightly so that the fabric and colour of the furniture remains unaffected.

You may not be casual with your favourite loveseat and try to keep it safe and protected but the guests may not have the same concern. Food stains and wine stains are the most commonly found stains on leather furniture. People most easily opt for window and mirror cleaners for the purpose. These should not be used on leather furniture because these cleaners contain alcohol that can decolourize the surface and ruin the top coat. The preliminary clean-up to the mess created with food wine should be done with a wet towel. Following this it should be wiped away with a dry towel. However, it should not be kept in damp condition for long lest it should start absorbing. Leather tends to get damaged and the surface gets de-glossed and discoloured if it soaks in water.

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