Tips on How to Maintain Furniture

Office-Furniture-installation-in-Tampa Furniture care is important to protect the investment made on them. Proper care helps in maintaining the finish and ensures great looks for extended period of time. Provided below are tips on maintaining furniture in good condition.

General Care

  • Furniture should be kept out of direct reach of sunlight.
  • Felt pads or silicone bumpers should be used between wood surfaces and glass if the surface is protected with glass top.
  • Coasters and desk pads can be used for protecting the surface from scratches, dents and moisture from cold and hot liquids.
  • Leather or felt pads can be used beneath office accessories and equipment used on furniture surfaces.
  • Desk pads with plastic backing are better not to use as they tend to damage the surface of the units.
  • Scratching of the surface can be easily avoided by lifting objects up and setting them down gently instead of moving them on the surface of the desks. Sliding or pulling of objects across the desk surface needs to be avoided at all costs as they can create scratches.
  • Accessories and office equipments should be repositioned periodically on the desk surface. This will ensure that coloration of the unit remains even as its ages.
  • Liquid spills should be removed promptly as they can harm the surface.
  • The units should be kept away from air conditioning and heating sources so as to prevent moisture loss.
  • Magazines or newspapers should not be placed on wood surfaces as ink from the items can get into the finish and damage the wood.

Cleaning Instructions for Furniture


  • Everyday cleaning of furniture can be carried out damp (not wet) sponge or cloth. It should be wiped towards the wood grain direction. After that, the surface can be wiped with lint free, dry clean cotton cloth.
  • Surface of the Veneer furniture can even be cleaned with Windex or identical products. It does not leave any residue and the finish also remains the way it is.
  • Murphy’s Oil Soap can be used for removing fingerprints and dirt from the surface of the units. A soft cloth can be dampened with Murphy’s Oil Soap cleaner after diluting it as per the manufacturer’s instructions and wiped towards wood grain direction. After that, the surface can be wiped with lint free, dry clean cloth.
  • Guardsman Furniture Polish can be used for polishing the surface. However, it needs to be kept in mind that the polish should be done towards wood grain direction.


  • Polish cleaners like Endust and Pledge which are was based should be avoided. The silicone and wax products within these polishes can build up on furniture surface. This leads to the creation of a cloudy appearance.
  • Wiping against wood grain direction should be avoided at all costs. It is always advisable to polish and wipe towards wood grain direction.
  • Cleaning products which contain oils or based on ammonia should not be used for cleaning the units.