Office-Furniture Collection from MAJA

furniture-installer-TampaMAJA is a furniture developer established in 1964 and has since been producing furniture of high quality for office use. The quality, design and finish of the furniture have earned us the reputation that it boasts of now. Amalgamation of contemporary and traditional style has been achieved by us with finesse. We have recently introduced a new collection of furniture that can be used in big commercial setups as well as in home offices. The range of contact office furniture has adequate variety to suit the need of various business and their owners.

Our new collection has office furniture that have been subtly designed to incorporate dual characteristic in them, that is, the ability to blend in large commercial offices and home-based or small offices alike. Besides, the collection has furniture in different dimension so that customers can choose according to their requirement and room of their offices. The colour-range of our furniture includes 3 shades, viz., white, light oak and a combination of white and distressed truffle oak. We chose these shades because they do make interior colourful but cannot be categorised, meaning they can cater wider spectrum of office interiors.

Our new collection of office furniture is even more streamlined for office purpose and we have introduced them to enlarge our existing range so that people are not disappointed by their expectation from us. Under brief description, there are 2 rectangular desk designs. One has popular hoop-ring legs and the other features traditional cantilever legs. The rear of the desks have modesty panel, which provide additional stability and support to the structure. The computer desks and workstations that we produce have steadily gained preference of people. 80cm broad desks with options of 120cm length and 150cm length are optimum choice for desktops. Customers can have the corner desk links that are offered in the collection for larger desk surface. In fact, the desk link can also be used as one-to-one or a small group meeting.

Open bookcases, filing cabinets and under desk pedestals are our usual office furniture maja-furniture-installer-tampafor storage. However, our storage collection is not limited to only that and a selection of other storage units is available too. The alternative storage furniture offer different combinations of cabinets, drawers and open bookcases for different office storage requirement. We also have cabinets with both opaque lockable doors and glass-fitted lockable doors for secure containment of confidential documents.

We have duly considered the essential aspects of office furniture such measurement, function, comfort, colour, material, price, etc. However, to furnish their offices with the most appropriate furniture, customers have to play part too. It is important to measure the room in the office and decide the size of the furniture accordingly. We are confident that fitting size can be found in our range. Similarly, colour has to carefully chosen. The choice of furniture highly depends upon the function it would serve, the time the operator would spend on it and the frequency of its usage because type, comfort and durability of the furniture have to be according. We feel glad to mention that our products fulfil all criteria.

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