Some Useful Tips on Office Furniture Maintenance

Office furniture holds immense value for an office and it is an investment which must be made by any business. With good quality office furniture maintenance, it is possible to create good impression on customers and attract potential clients for the business. Office furniture comes in different shapes, materials and types which can easily be maintained with a little bit of effort and expense. Provided below are some tips on general care of office furniture:

  • The office furniture should not be kept in direct sunlight.
  • Coasters and desk pads can be used for protecting the furniture surface from scratches, dents and moisture from cold or hot liquids.
  • Office furniture with glass tops can be protected by using felt pads or silicone bumpers between the wood surface and glass.
  • Use of leather or felt pads for office furniture maintenance at the bottom of accessories and equipment is considered a good idea which keeps the surfaces of the units intact where they are used.
  • Desk pads with plastic backing should not be used as they tend to damage the surface.
  • Scratching of the surface can be avoided by lifting objects up and gently setting them back down while moving them on the desk. Sliding or pulling of objects across furniture surface should be avoided.
  • Office accessories and equipment should be repositioned periodically on the desk surface to make sure that colouration of the unit remains even while it ages.

When it comes to managing the office, cleaning contributes greatly towards office efficiency and even help with office furniture maintenance. Some of the points to consider while cleaning office furniture are given below:

  • For day to day cleaning, the furniture surface should be wiped with damp (not wet) sponge or cloth. The best idea is to wipe towards the wood grain direction and wipe with lint free, dry cotton cloth at the end.
  • In case of veneer furniture, the best procedure for office furniture maintenance is to use products similar to Windex as they do not leave residues and harm the furniture finish. The cleaner can be applied on the surface wiped towards wood grain direction. After that, a lint free, clean cotton cloth can be used for wiping dry the surface.
  • Finger prints and dirt can be removed by using mild cleaners like Murphy’s Oil Soap. It is advisable to follow the instructions provided by manufacturer with the product.
  • In order to polish the surface of office furniture, liquid polish of high quality should be used which can be applied with soft cloth. For better polish and office furniture maintenance, the liquid polish should be applied towards wood grain direction.
  • Office should never be cleaned with products based on ammonia or oils.
  • Wax based polish cleaners are better to avoid as they tend to provide the office furniture with cloudy look as they contain silicone and wax.
  • Wiping against wood grain should always be avoided and instead, wiped towards wood grain direction.