Office furniture suitable for introverted employee traits

Office furniture suitable for introverted employee traitsInterruption free spaces are more suitable to office goers who are introvert in nature. It would more often ensure maximum participation and productivity from these people. Susan Cain is an author whose book, Quiet, throws light on simple strategies for their comfortable survival in the extroverted world. This solution is named as Quite Spaces and it helps the introvert people to get their office job done. One of those products that proves to be helpful here is the office furniture.

The concept is easier to explain and isn’t hard on the imagination. An office supposedly has a calm environment and least distraction for workers. The introverts are at their best when able to connect on person to person basis. They don’t like to be surrounded by people from all sides. Introverts look for alone time to concentrate on reading or thinking. Consequently, interruption free spaces would let them make private phone calls in a noise free ambience. The glasses surrounding on four sides turns opaque for a sense of privacy. The sound proof place along with office furniture gives the user complete control on the sensory environment.

There are certain set of models named Be Me, Flow and Mind Share. The last one allows the office colleagues to interact via connection on man to man basis. It isn’t an office meant for single individual but these are shared spaces. Here, the office executives would be able to schedule time periods whenever there is a requirement. Manufacturing such kind of rooms with proper office furniture are likely to be expensive.  The start off price is $15,000 which is a little hard on the pocket. It is important to consider if the price adds the same value by increasing productivity.

However, such spaces would undoubtedly aid the introverts in more ways than one. They won’t look out for nooks and limited seating areas in office furniture for any intimate conversation. These people won’t feel trapped in the absence of unobstructed windows. No particular refuge spot would be created by them to seek relaxation and recharging. With the aforementioned ideas, the bosses would be able to embrace their personality types and optimize the space at the same time.

For the employers, a few changes here and there could change the way their business is running. The physical and emotional well being of their employees are likely to improve individual performances. With a plan for every room based on employee traits, none of the small details could be overlooked. Before decoration, they should think of ways of using every room to achieve certain goals.

Each space is supportive of a set of postures, working modes, architecture and technology. High stimulating and buzzing workplaces isn’t the perfect thing for introverts. By providing them with their choice of atmosphere and office furniture, it signals how the company understands them and respects their need. Introverts find sensory stimulation through warm and calming influences. There is no denial of the fact that offices need to provide an environment so that it brings the best out of their employees. Consequently, workers should be happier and accomplish their work timely.
Image credit: Serp / 123RF Stock Photo