Five common mistakes that people make while keeping their furniture pieces

Five common mistakes that people make while keeping their furniture piecesDecking up the home interiors would call for suitable pieces of furniture. It is more important to keep the furniture pieces in the appropriate place rather than buying them. Even with the right furniture, people end up ruining the décor due to lack of proper positioning. Here are five of the common mistakes that people make while keeping the furniture pieces at home:

1.         Purchasing furniture first

It is important to make proper plans before purchasing the furniture pieces. The room can be planned on paper. It is important to know the measurements of the room first and then understanding specifically what can suit it. Most of the people end up buying a number of furniture pieces. In the present times, there are found a number of consumer programs that are user friendly which can help people plan their home space correctly.

2.         Ignoring the focal points

A space consists typically of 3 focal points. There is a natural focal point, a fixed focal point, and an unfixed focal point. For natural focal point you can look up to sliding glass door, bay windows, and a scenic view. For fixed focal point you can consider a fireplace. The unfixed focal point is what most of the people have and the idea is to create one. This may indicate grounding the furniture piece with something which is appealing, which may be an art piece or sideboard with a vase or sculpture on it. Whatever it is, it should appeal to the aesthetic sensibility.

3.         Placing the furniture in an angular position


People are in the wrong when they place the furniture diagonally. Most of the homeowners can be seen placing a furniture piece, which can be a coffee table or a chair or a cupboard in an angular position. They do this with a view to work up space. However, this ends up cutting up the room diagonally and does not appeal to the aesthetic senses.

4.         Not leaving adequate space

The most commonly seen mistake that the homeowners are noticed doing is placing the furniture pieces in an improper manner. Even when they are placed properly, what can damage the décor is not leaving enough space. Apart from taking care of the measurements of the furniture while purchasing and scale for the space, there is yet another thing that is as important and that should be remembered. It is the flow. Three feet allows natural flow in a space. The distance between the coffee table and the sofa or couch should be a minimum of eighteen to twenty four inches. An art piece should be 2/3 the size of the furniture piece or object on which it stands.

5.         Function should be last

The most significant thing that should be considered is the way of using up space. For example, when positioning a television, the factors that go under consideration include the object or furniture pieceon which it is kept and the effect that natural light has on it. It should not be placed in bright and sunny areas of the home.

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