Why Businesses Are Using Modular Office Furniture Today


Now that workdays are more flexible, office furniture is starting to follow suit. More companies are seeking and implementing things so that modern offices fit their worker’s needs. This is being done via modular designs (e.g., acoustic panels, storage units, room dividers) that let employees use the same space for a variety of needs. Why …

Office Furniture Installation At Canteen In Denver, CO


Office Furniture Installation at Canteen in Denver, CO. Quality Installers is a leading installation company for some of the nation’s largest suppliers and manufacturers of educational, commercial, and hospitality furniture. We have diversified over the years and now provide many other types of services such as fixed seating installation, office furniture relocation, warranty repair work, …

Important Considerations When Choosing Your Office Location


Choosing an office location is an important part of starting your business. There are many considerations you must undertake before you decide that you’ve found the right place. Let’s take a moment to see what they are. A Strategy for Choosing Your New Office Location By having a strategy for your business you’ll be prepared …